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Friday, August 15, 2014


the past few months have not been easy by any sense of the word for our family..corey got laid of the end of feb and we have not been able to find anything stable since then.. but we are grateful for the job he has now.  yeah its not exactly what we want but it is what we need for now.. we have been able to pay all of our bills so i am grateful.. yeah i have sold alot of things to pay them but they have been paid.. we have food on the table and in our fidge and freezer for that im grateful that i can feed my kids and not worry about them being hungary.. i have had people from church drop off their extras from their garden so i have canned them and yes i am grateful..ever busy but grateful.. the same has been with handme downs.. yes i am really grateful.. yes my kids probably will never have the most up to date clothes or shoes or maybe not even new ones but we have what we need.. i am grateful for a house that keeps me and my family warm and sheltered.. yes it needs new paint and carpet (since the flooding) and it desperatly needs a new bathroom but i am grateful i have one that functions.. yes i have two older cars but they work and get us to the store, work and to church.. i am so gratful for the friends that we have.. they love us and support us and most of them know and understand what we are going through.. i have freinds that have lost children and loved ones and my heart aches with them.. i have freinds that are going through divorces and i pray for them and love them..so yes i am grateful that all of my children are healthy and that after 15 years corey and i still love each other..  i am grateful for my family even though they are all so far away.. i am most of all graeful for the gospel and the peace it brings in my life.. yeah life will probably never be easy for us.  for those of you that have it easy please pray for those that dont.. we need all your prayers.. it helps keep us calm.. i know this is not easy for some of you too read but i needed to get my thoughts out.. there have been many days of looking around and seeing what everyone else has that i dont.. but i cant be jealous.. we have what we need and i guess for now thats all that matters and for that i am grateful.. A-

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