Our Family

Our crazy boy filled family but with one cute little girl, how can you resist our charm...

Friday, August 15, 2014


the past few months have not been easy by any sense of the word for our family..corey got laid of the end of feb and we have not been able to find anything stable since then.. but we are grateful for the job he has now.  yeah its not exactly what we want but it is what we need for now.. we have been able to pay all of our bills so i am grateful.. yeah i have sold alot of things to pay them but they have been paid.. we have food on the table and in our fidge and freezer for that im grateful that i can feed my kids and not worry about them being hungary.. i have had people from church drop off their extras from their garden so i have canned them and yes i am grateful..ever busy but grateful.. the same has been with handme downs.. yes i am really grateful.. yes my kids probably will never have the most up to date clothes or shoes or maybe not even new ones but we have what we need.. i am grateful for a house that keeps me and my family warm and sheltered.. yes it needs new paint and carpet (since the flooding) and it desperatly needs a new bathroom but i am grateful i have one that functions.. yes i have two older cars but they work and get us to the store, work and to church.. i am so gratful for the friends that we have.. they love us and support us and most of them know and understand what we are going through.. i have freinds that have lost children and loved ones and my heart aches with them.. i have freinds that are going through divorces and i pray for them and love them..so yes i am grateful that all of my children are healthy and that after 15 years corey and i still love each other..  i am grateful for my family even though they are all so far away.. i am most of all graeful for the gospel and the peace it brings in my life.. yeah life will probably never be easy for us.  for those of you that have it easy please pray for those that dont.. we need all your prayers.. it helps keep us calm.. i know this is not easy for some of you too read but i needed to get my thoughts out.. there have been many days of looking around and seeing what everyone else has that i dont.. but i cant be jealous.. we have what we need and i guess for now thats all that matters and for that i am grateful.. A-

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

our december

our december started off with a bang.. carter has his christmas concert the 1st week of december.he did really well..
samantha then had hers the following week.  she was so cute and so animated..

my family showed up around the 21st and we started it off with a bang.. my parents didnt have a working kitchen so we did a few meals at my house.. it was pretty fun.. we also ended up getting a nice stomach bug the day my sister from iowa came in.. everyone was infected so we still just all hung out.. christmas day was fun.. the kids enjoyed there day and there gifts.. i was a little irritable due to sick children.  like i said stomach bug.. ugh

everyone was better by the 26th but corey and i started not to feel well. one apt for him and one my for son and i was done for.. i got it.. omg so nasty.. i started to feel better and we celecbrated samanthas birthday and few days early cuz she wanted to share it with her cusions..

 carter also got the principles award in dec and so proud of him..

 cameron also went up a class in scouts and is now a weblow..

 the kids made candy trains with grandma and had a blast..
 the kids got nerf guns for christmas and we have been having a ton of fun with them
december all in all was a crazy month. we had a lot of fun with family and friends. glad we all got better and thank goodness for lysol..gratful for a new year and i hope and pray its a good year for us..

Sunday, December 1, 2013


so our november has been pretty eventuful and pretty busy.  we started off with my last perfomance with the marching band.. then we had 2 birthdays.  carter turned 8 and corey 38..hehe

 after the that it was the normal things like work, school, etc etc etc.. corey also got called to be the decons quorm advisor and ast scout master.. i also got called to be the choir director a few months ago and we sang in stake conference this month.. it was nerve racking but it turned out so well and i was so proud of the members that sang.
 then we had had thansgiving with my family which was fun.. lots of eating talking, not sleeping and some shopping too.  we also were able to celebrate carters baptism.. we were so proud that he made this decision.. we combined with another family in our ward and are our good freinds and it was a wonderful time..after wards we ate and vistied with family and friends

 the adults then took a brake and when and did some shooting.. def a good time but i ended up with a nice bruise on my arm.. oh well

dinner came and we celebrated camerons birthday. he choose to do it a day early because we had family in town..

it was a very good and busy weekend.. we def felt blessed and loved after this weekend.  we had support from family and friends.. we are so grateful for all that we have and we are also so grateful for the gospel and the truth that we have in it.. A-

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

my life the past 2 months

sorry havnt blogged the past little while but i have been a little busy.. with these kids.. i had the opporunity again to work with the snake river marching band.. we has a wonderful year this year.. we did a latin show with some fun music and a great routine.. we did 3 football games, 3 competitions and a parade.. these kids did such an amazing job.. they worked really hard and it paid off.  we ended up taking secong place in our division and also too the gem state award too.. it was the best way to end the season.. i cant wait to do it again next year.. it was crazy busy the past few months but wouldnt trade it for anything..

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

first day of school

it has begun..WAHOO!!!!...we started school today.. 7, 4, and 2.. carter ended up barfing so he is home but what a way to start the school year off with a bang.. and yes i have a kid in junior high.. ahhhhh im old.. A-

labor day weekend

we had a great but busy labor day weekend.. well first we bought a new/used car well not a car a surburban for our family.. we were so excited to be finally able to upgrade vehicles.. anyway i had lots of practice with the band and we had our first performance on sat in the parade and they did AWESOME....i was so proud of those kids.. we then headed out to my aunt and uncles for a family filled weekend.. we ate a ton of course but had some good time playing and visiting.. the kids had a great time with there couisns and hardly saw them all weekend.. we eneded it monday morning with a yummy breakfast and goodbyes.. i have also been canning like crazy.. u name it and i have probably canned it in the past few weeks.. we had a great weekend.. hope yours was too A-

Saturday, August 17, 2013

catch up

needless to say the past few weeks have been CRAZY.... samantha and cameron finished up their last games of soccer and did amazing.. the both did really well this year and are already to start next year.. i think carter will be in the mix too.. wow 3 kids 3 games a week next year.. oh boy.. we also had a great ice cream social for the year end of the season and had a great time.. wyatt had a court of honor for scouts and earned 7 merit badges from scout camp.. good job kiddo.. i had band camp and the kids this year are doing AMAZING... i cant wait for them to show there stuff this year at competetions etc.  it was a busy week but very rewarding as well.. i have also been canning already.. lots of jams and pickles and tomoates and peaches are just about there.. the kids start school in a few weeks which finally means a schedule for this house again.. yes please.. corey will be done with school on sept 6th.. WAHOO.. we made it and i am so proud of him.. who knows what that means but atleast we are done the schooling part..anyway we are on the crazy train right now but hopefully things will calm down just a little soon.. nothing else excting but hope u are all doing well..A-